The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s high praise indeed …

Mama and daughter enjoy reading their news from the North Pole together. Personalised Christmas Elf Letters from the International Elf Service
Precious Family Time
A girl finds their Elf Letter from the International Elf Service!
So much excitement!
Finding a North Pole Christmas Letter from the International Elf Service! Phot by Petitcanard Blog
Photo by My Petit Canard Blog

… from the grown ups

Uju has written a Blog post on what it was like to have Elfie’s Christmas Letters in their house … HERE! and another family who were determined to see who was delivering their letters each night, sent in a video, which you can see HERE!  Lovely messages from families are below…

I can’t wait to see this years letters from Elfie and the gang. We have had them the past 2 years and the joy and magic they give on the run up to the big day is just priceless.
I’m looking forward to hopefully creating some magical memories with the help of the wonderful ideas you share.
Lots of love and great apprecation for the magic you share!
Kathleen (Jun, 2018)
This is our second year of receiving elf letters and the magic gets stronger despite being a year older ( aged 9). My daughter is spellbound by tales of Marty, Dave the Stitch and of course Elfie and these create such a wonderful build up to Christmas Day. Thank you so much for helping to create some wonderful childhood (and parenting) memories x
Sharon (Jan 2018)
Great quality. Worth every penny just to see the look on a child’s face. I will be buying these letters again this year.
Paula (Jan 2018)
The quality and content of the letters was great and the service fantastic. My two kids (aged 4 & 2) absolutely loved receiving their elf letters. They looked for their letter every day, which would “appear” magically, at various times, in places like, on their favourite chair, on their pillow, on their bookshelf etc. They would get so excited when they found one and then we read it together every night before bed. Will definitely do it again next year.
Sheena (Jan 2018)
Having now used all these [Elfie’s Christmas] letters I feel I needed to truly thank you for creating something so wonderful. I have used the letters in unison with a certain elf, and I can honestly say that the whole experience has been amazing for both me and my 7 year old son. He has thoroughly been captivated by the letters and grown to love our elf (he hated the whole elf thing before) We have had sadness that he is leaving tonight, but he thanked Elfie for telling him all about the North Pole.
I will definitely be ordering again next year (and a birthday letter)
So thank you very much for creating something so magical – Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year
Lindsey (Dec 2017)
We are having the most wonderful time with the letters. My eldest has had the whole Christmas conspiracy revealed by a friend at school, but with these letters, the magic has been restored and I couldn’t be more grateful! And the letters arrived Harry Potter style on the day of the snow – perfect! Thank you!
– Deborah, (Dec 2017)
Absolutely beautiful! Magical tales, extremely luxurious paper… they’re just so authentically North-Poley!! Love them and my boys do too 😀 xx
– Joanna, (Dec 2017)
o.m.g my daughter is BEYOND excited about these…..her joy has exceeded my expectations…the first letter has already been taken to school. thank you x
– Karen, (Dec 2017)
My boys (8 and 5) are completely spellbound by this!
– Lydia, (Dec 2017)
Got the birthday letter for my daughter’s 2nd birthday and she absolutely loved it she thought it was great that elfie had sent her something for her birthday and her own elf who is named elfie was sitting on top of her presents holding her letter which made it even better. Would definitely recommend it, thanks for a great service xx
– Lyndsay, (Dec 2017)
I cannot Thank International Elf Service enough, my 9 yr old is starting to question the whole Father Christmas thing , but he wholeheartedly loves these letters. We started last year with this , and I purchased little kindness Elves to set along side the beautifully magical letters that my 9 yr old reads lovingly to his 3 year old sibling. He gets excited about what news he will receive next.
– Danielle, (Dec 2017)
Received my letters today. Can’t wait to see the kids faces when they get them. I couldn’t put them down today until I’d read them all. I would recommend these letters to everyone. I especially love the bespoke letter that i ordered for a special surprise for the kids. Thank you so so much. You have helped me make Christmas extra magical this year. X
– Melinda, (Dec 2017)
So my daughter just opened her first letter. The look on her face was so worth waiting for. I love these letters!
– Amanda, (Dec 2017)
Emily….thank you. I am utterly amazed at how an 11 year old who is fully aware of how the magic of Christmas happens this year; can still be so excited about finding a letter from Elfie!
I struggle with this time of year and have done for 10 years but the joy that gave me this morning was priceless. He was also just as excited to see how our Elves returned.
I really cannot thank you enough…..maybe my personal love of this time of year will fully return this year…..I know my boys are blessed with the Christmas spirit….long may it continue! Xx
– Alison (Dec 2017)
“The Tooth Fairy letters are the most amazing thing! An absolutely beautiful and detailed set of letters – the quality and workmanship is second to none.”
– Jane (October 2017)

“Holy crap! You knocked those Christmas letters out of the park! Your attention to detail and creativity literally made me speechless. I adored your packaging, the quality of your paper, and your art on the pages. I’m looking forward to reading all of the stories. I’m so incredibly happy with my purchase. Thank you so much for making such a heartfelt magical experience for myself and my children. I LOVE them!!!!
– Sonya (October 2017)

“I recently bought the bundle of elf letters and wanted to say a huge thanks. They are beautiful and will add to the excitement in our house at Christmas. Also the ideas on your website are lovely – lots of food for thought – this year’s advent calendar will be the best ever. Many thanks.”
– Zoe (November 2017)

“I received my order today and I love it! I normally write my own letters but it’s going to be difficult this year so I thought I would give these a go, they are wonderful! Very pleased, I can’t wait to see the boys faces. Thank you! ❤️”
– Claire (November 2017)
“Received my birthday and Christmas letters today. Beautifully presented and such wonderful quality in the paper, sets them apart from anything else. Superbly efficient and friendly service. You will not be disappointed with these.”
– Zoe (November 2017)
“My box of beautiful letters has just arrived. The attention to detail is amazing. I cannot wait for my 5 year old to start receiving these in 2 weeks time.”
– Hannah (October 2017)
“These letters are worth every penny. They are beautiful and felt magical even when looking through them. They are well written and beautifully illustrated. They arrived in a plain box so as not to draw attention. I’m running out of Christmasses where my daughter truly believes so I am trying to make each Christmas as magical as I can and these letters will be perfect. Thank you.”
– Laura (October 2017)
“Ordered it for the grandchildren, this has blown me away. Amazing, amazing, amazing …. should have been around when I was a child!”
– Jude (October 2017)
“I cannot wait to see our daughters face & already know these are going to be a huge hit & a future festive custom in our home. Beautifully presented with thoughtful, imaginative detail & illustration…trust me, you will not be disappointed!”
– Julie (October 2017)

“I bought them Elfie’s Christmas Letters, as I think it’s the last year I’ll get away with it. Didn’t get them last year as I thought they were dear. However, when they have come they are worth every penny, absolutely divine and more special than the ones that are free online. Can’t wait to start using them! You’ve put so much thought into them, even mentioning that you can use the string which they are wrapped in! Amazing, thank you X”
– Claire (October 2017)

“I decorated the box they came in and my daughter would check it each morning for a new letter. The best fun we had over advent.”
– Lisa (October 2017)

“The look of wonder on his face each morning, was priceless. Children grow up way too fast, and making special memories, is so important. These letters, make such wonderful memories, and made it special for all of us. I’ve bought them again this year, and I can’t wait to make even more memories.
Buy them, you won’t regret it at all.”
– Karen (September 2017)
“If you want Christmas to be filled with special memories look no further. Wonderful letters that add a magical touch to Christmas.”
– Brooke (September 2017)
“I received our letters from elf this morning for the 3rd year running. I was so excited!! And I’ve had a peek and love love love them. Such a genius idea and so worthwhile.
The children love see if each morning whether the elf has left them a letter and it makes the run up to Christmas so much more enjoyable. Not just for the kids, for me also. So well done yet again and thank you x”
– Lisa (September 2017)
“Love these letters they are good quality and are well worth the money. My granddaughters face was a picture she was so proud that she had received them. I have also had birthday letters they are just as good.”
– Michelle (September 2017)
Literally can’t wait to see Ava’s face on the first of December when she gets her first letter! Amazing idea, amazing package, great quality, brilliant stories she’ll absolutely love it! Thank you so so much x
– Charlotte (September 2017)
“Absolutely wonderful! Bought for 3 wee ones of varying ages. They searched high and low for them every morning. Letters turned up in cereal boxes, in the bathroom, on the dog… some days they were easier to find than others. The stories were fab and the children loved the humour & were hooked, wanting to find out what would happen next. Have ordered for this year already, they are too good to miss! A new tradition which is loved.”
– Karen (September 2017)
We bought the small bundle of Christmas letters last Christmas. They were absolutely wonderful and the boys loved them. This year we have bought the full advent set of letters and they are even better than last year. I can’t wait for the boys to start getting them and sharing the magic on the build up to Christmas Day. Thank you for creating such magic for everyone to enjoy. I can’t recommend these highly enough. They are truly magical.”
– Sam (September 2017)
“What a great idea and beautifully presented. It’s lovely to find something that takes you back to the basics and magic of Christmas. Everything is so commercialised these days. I hope my grandchildren enjoy them as much as I have.”
– Jill (September 2017)
“We got these letters for the first time last Christmas and it made December a very special time. My daughter loved waking up to the letters every morning and reading about what was happening in the North Pole. Excellent quality and lovely stories. This is something that I will do every year now and I’m delighted that we have just received our letters for 2017 which are amazing.”
– Sarah (September 2017)
These letters made my son’s Christmas. They are without doubt THE best thing we have done for Christmas. The world these letters create is wonderful, the letters are beautifully illustrated, funny, touching and truly magical. My son is now 7yrs and has decided Father Christmas is not real, and he was fine about it…but he was much more upset the next day when he realised that no Santa meant Elfie wasn’t real either. Elfie’s letters meant more to him that Santa’s stocking of prezzies, and I love that. Thank you so much.
– Emma (September 2017)
Love love love these letters!
My Daughter Megan was so excited to receive these letters last year (so I’ve bought them again) she would come running into my room every morning to read them to me.
The story and pictures on the letters are stunning, a perfect Christmas memory Xxx
– Tina (September 2017)
These truely magical letters are certainly going to be a new tradition for us. Having been following the FB group for just over a year now I’m made the leap to purchasing these and am not disappointed. The incredible way the letters have been written, the details of drawings and splodges on the paper are amazing and once you start reading you just cant stop. I am definitely going to be doing these every year and can’t wait for December to come to introduce our 2 girls to this magical writing and in the future when our baby boy gets to delight in these too. Thank you for your beautiful imagination and helping to bring a little special magic to our home x x
– Katrina (September 2017)
“This is our first year having the advent letters. Omg! How have I not done this before xx absolutely love the letters, such delightful stories. I am definitely making this a yearly tradition with our elves. Beautifully packaged. Lovingly presented. Love the feel of the paper. I’m now hooked, and certainly can not wait for December to arrive. Thank you! X x”
– Katrina (September 2017)
“Just received our letters today for Christmas. So lovely! Had them last year for the first time and I think this year’s are even better! Loving the letter from Mother Christmas, perfect for my little girl who is starting to question things and constantly writes to the elves! Thank you x ”
– Deborah, (September 2017)
“I received my special delivery today and my goodness they are amazing.
I didn’t think last years could be topped however I have to say this years are just gorgeous xxx thank you once again”
– Lyndsey (September 2017)
“We got Elfie’s Christmas Letters last year and they were fantastic. We put them by an elf door under the christmas tree each morning. When it got to Christmas day our little one started throwing the presents to one side to try and find his letter still! 🙂 Will definitely be getting again this year. Was so magical and even convinced the older cousins who were beginning to lose the Christmas magic.”
– Taryn (September 2017)

“I have made several purchases and they have all been amazing. Such time and love goes into each one it really shows.”
– Ria (August 2017)
“”These were the best things I have ever (and I mean ever) ordered!! I’ve never seen the magic or happiness last so long x”
– Jolene (August 2017)
“I must say yours is one of the most innovative and unusual products I’ve come across! It’s such a unique idea, it had us all hooked in the office.”
– Not On The High Street (May 2017)
My daughter is hoping for Elfie to write again. She reads last years letters almost every week and she’s counting down already till Christmas!!
– Alexandra (June 2017)
Your letters are brilliant, and we genuinely couldn’t imagine Christmas without them and Elfie.
– Kirstie (Aug 2017)
My daughter is totally mesmerised by the elf story – it’s magical to see that still alive at 9 years!– Sharon (Aug 2017)
My daughter was utterly enchanted by Elfie’s Christmas Letters and it added to the magic of Xmas in our household. I wish I had discovered these earlier but looking forward to continuing the fun this year!
– Sharon (June 2017)
I ordered Elfie’s Christmas letters for my 4 children in 2016, and my mother said after witnessing their reactions: “wow, that was the best £35 you’ve spent!” They were blown away by the magic and excitement, and went squealing round the house in the mornings, searching for letters, opening them with trembling hands, and phoning family members to tell them the latest from the North Pole. As my eldest (8) said once the second letter arrived: “it’s real, it’s really real….this truly is magical”. Nothing beats bringing that joy to your children.
– Aley (June 2017)
The [Fairy] letter arrived today and he found it when he came home. He was so excited to see it. At first he thought it was from Elfie, but he was utterly enchanted with the exploding worries, and entranced at the thought that he was creating ninja fairies (especially because he loves ninja warrior)! Just fabulous. Even my sceptical husband loved it.
– June (June, 2017)
Such a beautifully presented and high quality product [Elfie’s Christmas Letters]. My children (aged 4, 6 & 8) were so excited to find the letters that I had hidden in the run-up to Christmas. They sparked their imaginations and my eldest wrote letters in return. A wonderful alternative (or addition) to an advent calendar. Thank you Emily!
– Jemma (May 2017)
I ordered Tooth Fairy Bundle 4 for my son who has his first wobbly tooth. It was amazingly quick service and the notes are too sweet. Great idea!
– Gillian (May, 2017)
I love these little parcels of magic as much as my son does.  Worth every penny, first class service, and very helpful with any questions or ideas to make the magic happen. We bought bulk as well, as we delivered a handful bulk with a little side note from the on duty fairy. Couldn’t give more than 5 star but I would have given ten.
Recommended and shared to everyone I know. Thank you!
– Diane (April, 2017)
Our birthday boy loved his letter from Elfie! He asked how Elfie knew we were in a hotel and not at home!
– Sara (April 2017)
We ‘left the Tooth Fairy Letters’ for him to find this weekend. He absolutely loved them and was very excited to tell everyone about them and the fact they were stuck in the dragons den. Absolutely wonderful x
– Sam (April 2017)
Our daughter loved getting the letters everyday over Christmas. She was always keen to know what was happening next and kept telling everyone what was going on.
Ordered her a birthday letter because she had enjoyed them so much. She loved this even more than the Christmas ones.
Thank you so much for such wonderful letters and service.
– Valerie (March 2017)
There aren’t enough stars for this magical company. I bought the Elf letters at Christmas and am even more delighted with the Tooth Fairy ones. Excellent product. Excellent service.
– Michelle (March 2017)
“One captivated little girl over the moon with her letter and coin. Nothing like a bit of magic to start a Monday ”
– Stephenie (March 2017)
Got my Tooth Fairy Letters today, amazingly fast service, and the letters are lovely ! X x
– Chris (March 2017)
He woke very excited to find a letter from the Tooth Fairy! He loved the little magnifying glass! He straight away asked his sister to read it then put it away in a safe place!
– Sara (March 2017)


From the bottom of my heart I thank you, for helping me spread a little more sparkle this Christmas. We loved getting up each morning to one very excited little boy being able to read (most) of the letters. Christmas to me is not just a season but a feeling! And this year we had a little bit more magic to add to our Christmas by having your wonderful letters! Happy New Year and all the very best for 2017 
I can’t speak highly enough of this. The letters are enchanting, funny and magical. They are making Christmas so special for my grandchildren (and me!) Thank you so much x
Chris (Dec, 2016)
I only bought the small package (7 letters) this year as I wasn’t sure what my Children would think of them, they absolutely love them and go looking for the letters when they get home from school. I will definitely be buying the larger bundle next year.
Debbie (Dec, 2016)

We absolutely adore the letters!! We plant them in the Christmas tree for her to find every couple of days and she squeals when she sees them.
Toni (Dec, 2016)

I’ve just got to say, I’ve only given my daughter the one so far and already the non-believer believes again. I’m so chuffed it’s unreal.
Sarah (Dec, 2016)

Worth every single penny to see the looks on my boys faces every single morning when we read the next day of Elfie’s adventures. I can’t imagine the run up to Christmas without them xxx
Debbie (Dec, 2016)

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your letters which I ordered for our After School Club. I wasn`t sure how well they would go down but we (the grown ups!!!) had soooooo much fun coming up with new hiding places every day for the children to find them, a little elf on the shelf came in very handy to keep a tight hold of each scroll. When the children discovered the letters they would all sit down to hear the latest adventure and even the older ones, who were not quite so keen on believing, managed to keep the magic alive for the younger children. We made a huge display board and everything we received has been laminated and put up on the board for all to see. This is a fantastic Elf Service and one I will be sure to recommend and use again. THANK YOU. Have a Very Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year 🙂
Helen (Dec, 2016)

First words of the day every day, in this order… ” where’s Elfie hiding, will I have another letter! (Runs around looking).  These letters are amazing, worked fantastically along with Elf on the shelf (who isn’t very naughty but gets in the most unusual predicaments to listen and watch for reporting to Santa! This along with Santa’s calls and video messaging service, has brought everything together perfectly. The magical wonder, the spark in his eyes and that most perfect smile….I’ve honestly nearly cried.All that has been my perfect Christmas present. Only Complaint I have….MY SON WANTS TO GO TO LAPLAND NOW! So would santa and his elves kindly grant my bank account! Xx
Diane (Dec, 2016)

My sons have loved getting their letters. My eldest took the first one they got, along with the map, into school (Year 1) and it has been read by all the children and the map was put up on the wall and poured over by the entire class daily. My middle one was searching the house today for the next letter and keeps asking why the elves only come at night. They are getting their next one in the morning, along with some chocolate coins in the little elf sacks.
Caroline(Dec, 2016)

Just wanted to say thank you! The letters are wonderful. My eldest daughter is 11 and has autism….she has really loved getting the letters and is reading them daily to younger siblings….its really helping them all connect Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxx
Sara (Dec, 2016)

This is the first year I have ordered elfie letters and they have been brilliant. My almost 7 year old has loved finding them each morning. He’s convinced he’s the only child in the world that Elfie is writing to. He has even decided that it would be nice if he wrote to elfie each day! Thank u for helping to create a little bit more magic for my family this Christmas. I will thoroughly recommend these letters to any family who believes in father Christmas. Have a restful and peaceful Christmas. Xx
Victoria (Dec, 2016)
We are loving these little letters and how Elfie and Marty have found our new house in Lanzarote!! We are even going back to UK next week and I am sure they will even find the kids there!!
– Christine (Dec, 2016)
The kids have been loving their elf letters, even my eldest who understands about Santa
Sarah (Dec, 2016)
This is totally amazing, really brings some extra magic to Christmas.  My kids are so excited everyday to get the letter!
Laura (Dec, 2016)

Just to let you know we wrote a letter from Chippy (our Elf) stating he was in trouble because he forgot to bring the letters and so he’d hidden them round the house! So they both went on a mad hunt for them and loved loved loved them! Thank you!
Wendy (Dec, 2016)

Loving the fun and games this is creating!  Happy Christmas and keep Elfing!
Jenny (Dec, 2016)

My children found their first letter in the fireplace today and I could hear the screams of delight from the kitchen, they were jumping up and down with excitement. Very pleased, thank you!
Sallie (Dec, 2016)
Truly amazing and unbelievably magical. My 5yr old daughter is absolutely loving finding her brown envelope every morning. Her little elf is bringing it back from the north pole every night. The attention to detail in these letters is just perfect. I’m so glad I clicked when I seen them appear on my fb news feed. They arrived so quickly and the packaging was lovely. Loving telling everyone about them. Definitely be getting them next year. Thank you x
Kathleen (Dec, 2016)
I cannot put into words how lovely these letters are! I received them two days ago and had to read them all right away. A sweet story and very well written with delightful illustrations and splodges to further the magic. I cannot wait to see my son’s face when he gets his first letter after his reaction to the certificate yesterday! He had to take it to show everyone at a family get together last night. The customer service provided by Emily was second to none. There was a problem with paypal and Emily kept in regular contact with me, helped to resolve the issue and provided reassurance that I would definitely receive the letters on time. I have recommended International Elf Service to everybody and will definitely be a returning customer next year! Thank you so much Emily xx
Katie (Dec, 2016)
My 6 year old is loving this. Elfie leaves a letter in a stocking every day n we read it each night as her bedtime story! She giggled and giggled tonight about Marty’s letter and could relate to his chat! Fantastic idea! So clever!
Kim (Dec, 2016)
This new Christmas Tradition has transformed out lead-up to Christmas. The wonderful tales definitely make the magic last longer! Thank you!
Chloe (Dec, 2016)

Thank you so much for giving us the chance to squeeze every last drop of extra Christmassy magic out of this year which will be his last as a believer.
Kirsty (Dec, 2016)

The letters are going down very well! My sister says that my 6 year old nephew Leo gets up early every day and can’t wait to open each one 🙂
Steffie (Dec, 2016)

Day one of Elfie’s new Candy Cane Christmas letters was a HIT! My 4 year old was so excited to start colouring – hard to persuade him to wait until after school, might have to wake the kids a tad earlier next time.  Thank you for the beautiful letters, great service, and for helping make our Christmas even more magical! Happy Christmas! ❤️
Shannon (Dec, 2016)

My children love these, you wouldn’t believe the amount of excitement these create in our household. I can’t wait until December to start hiding the letters and to see the look on their little faces when they realise that the Elves are writing to them again this year!
Such gorgeous letters, beautifully written and presented. The candy cane string, so you can roll them up and tie them, is a thoughtful touch. Really looking forward to seeing the looks on my children’s faces when they receive not one but 8 letters on the run up to Christmas this year. After all, I find the main enjoyment surrounding Christmas is the anticipation and these letters are going to magnify that immensely! Thank you so much :
Samantha (Nov, 2016)
Ordered the Candy Cane letters for my little ones. They are fantastic quality and beautifully illustrated. The level of customer service was first rate and the letters arrived really quickly. I can’t wait to see the children’s reactions to them. They are sure to add to the Christmas magic in our house this year!
Natalie, (Oct, 2016)
I wish I could give more stars!! This service is just wonderful. The letters are funny and enchanting, the illustrations beautiful. The quality is excellent!! Excellent quality paper, envelopes and packaging all make such a difference. I’m really looking forward to starting this tradition. I’m not well and often worry that I’m not doing enough to make Christmas extra special for my little girl, who unfortunately is poorly too. It can be hard finding the time and energy to do things like pose elves etc. She will now be getting a letter every single day in the run up to Christmas. Thank you for helping me keep the magic alive.
Lisa (Nov, 2016)
These beautifully written letters really do add to the Christmas joy . We have been having them for 2 years and will be getting them this year . The excitement on my daughters face when she see the brown envelope from Elife is priceless. We love reading what has been happening in the North Pole . Secretly I really love them too . Can not recommend enough . Well worth the price you will not be disappointed.
Amanda, (Nov, 2016)
Just had ‘Elfies’ Christmas letters delivered for my girls and I am amazed at the quality and how beautiful they really are!! I am already excited to keep the Magic alive this Christmas! I have also recommended you to friends!! Wow just wow.. well worth the money xxxx
Maria, London (October 2016)
Received our 1st ever box today & wow the quality is fantastic…..I left the certificate on my sons bed for him to find when he got home from school…..his face was a picture. I can’t wait until December 1st to give him his 1st letter xx
Michele (Oct, 2016)
Oh my dear Lord I am head over heels for this beautifully written & illustrated piece of work…
I am a true Christmas person and every Child should be read these magical letters as they bring alive a world which normally only old & young alike can imagine in their dreams.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Claire (Nov, 2016)

Good morning, just a quick message to let you know I received my box of magical letters yesterday and couldn’t wait to get the boys out to school this morning to read them! I’ve just finished the last letter there now and they are just wonderful. I love the way you have them dated and I’m so excited to see my little boys face when he reads the letter for the 8th of December, which is his birthday.. wishing you many happy years of writing these really magical letters, xxx
Claire, Ireland (October 2014)
I just found the North Pole Christmas Letters really last minute and by pure chance on Facebook, but it really added to that last week run up to Christmas . I hung them on the Christmas tree and my middle guy just found it and opened it and the excitement was unreal. He even brought them into school to show everyone . I can’t wait to see his face this year when he has one to open every day!! . The fact that you can put their 3 names on it makes it all the more special. I just love everything about them. They presentation of them is just beautiful and so like something you would imagine really coming from the North Pole! Long may you deliver xx
Claire (September 2016)
Thank you Elfie and all your elf buddies for another fantastic lead up to Christmas for my family. My 15 year old loved your letters just as much as my 8, 9 and 13 year olds. Your letters bring the magic of Christmas into our home in the most exciting way. We have had family discussions over dinner about whether Lily has Father Christmas’ new socks ready in time and about who would share Marty’s top bunk on a sleep over, among many other things. Christmas is no longer about Father Christmas and nine reindeer; there is a whole world of adventure that my children want to know more about. Wishing you all a great Christmas and a restful 2016 – until, of course, the preps for next year begin again.
The Ellwoods, Sligo (Dec 2015)
Well the 3 boys just discovered their first letters this morning! Santa or his elves had left them by their pillows and they couldn’t wait to show them to me at 7:15!!!!! This morning. This is it !, the real excitement and build up over the next few days. I can’t wait to see their little faces over the coming days to see if there’s more surprises …This is definitely going to be our new Christmas tradition. Thank you for such quick delivery I just love them. Have a very Happy Christmas with warmest wishes from Ireland.
Claire, Ireland (Dec 2015)
So we opened our first letter today to screaming and dancing and yelling and calling our uncle in Australia to tell him how even Santa’s Elves write letters and how we got one etc etc etc….couldn’t capture on video as didn’t expect quite the crazy response but will video it tomorrow…THANK YOU SO MUCH…His little face was alight with so much happiness it was amazing… 🙂
Rajni (Dec 2015)
I wish you could see how much excitement and joy your letters bring to the children who read them Emily.
The first words out of my boys mouth this morning was ‘mummy, mummy! It’s Elfie’s letter day’.
We’ve read the letter twice. Cole had to sniff it to make sure it didn’t smell of elephant poo. Seb said ‘oh that Marty is a naughty one’ and now won’t put the map down.
We’ve got another 23 days of magic 🙂
Debbie (Dec, 2015)
Another letter from the Elves waiting to be discovered! @IntElfService I can’t explain the joy these have brought!
Samantha, (Dec 2015)
This is the first year we have done this,we did the whole “elf comes to stay” thing last year…my son is autistic and he found that too much,but he was over the moon this morning with their letter from Elfie and he is treasuring the North Pole map! So thank you so much for providing some magic into our whole families life this Christmas!x
Mel, (Dec, 2015)
We’re over joyed with our package, everything is so so beautiful. A & T opened their first letter from Elfie tonight, I can’t thank you enough for sharing the magic, they both LOVED it. X
Storm, London (Dec, 2015)
They are awesome. I only got the small set and when my son finally found the certificate he ran upstairs so fast to tell his dad he fell over and busted up his foot lol.
It also went into school with him and when the elves send him the special letters he know has to take them to school for his teacher to read to the whole class 😀
Lauren (Dec, 2015)
After worrying about Phoebe having doubts this year I showed her the Elfie Instagram account this morning. She was absolutely amazed and asked if she can write to him when she gets home from school! She is so excited about possibly getting letters from him again this year! She has her own Instagram on her iPod (just for following her friends and only using with parental supervision) and asked if she’s allowed to follow Elfie now too. Her reaction absolutely made my day!
Kylie (Dec, 2015)
The kids were so excited when the certificate came. This morning I left a trail of glittery holly to the letter. Tomorrow it’s in the fridge. I can’t thank you enough. I’m totally out of my depth at Christmas and Elfie is making it magical.
Lindsey, London (Dec, 2015)
Amazing idea, our first year doing this and I could see my son getting lost in his imagination when I told him about the Elf delivering the letter and then reading it out! Love love love xx
– Louise (Dec, 2015)
Big thanks for emergency letters. Wish I’d video’d Ez opening it, so I could show you. When I got home, she’d written a letter to Elfie pleading for him to write to her. She was passed herself with excitement when she found the letter in the bath!! So very sweet. Thank-you!! Xx
Rebecca, London (Dec, 2015)
My daughter actually asked Santa in her letter to Santa to get Elfie to write to her this year again. She was extremely excited receiving the letter this morning. She enjoyed Elfie’s first letter (particularly the elephant poo reference) and is very excited about what Mother Christmas is going to tell Elfie tomorrow.
Nies (Dec, 2015)
My children (and I) have LOVED the letters from the North Pole from International Elf Service this year! It’s been fun hiding them, and them finding and reading them. If you want something that wee bit extra to make December fun, we’d give them the big thumbs up!!
Mad House Of Cats & Babies Blog (Dec 2015)
Second year running and we are thoroughly enjoying our elfie letters already! This year my son’s best friend is getting the letters for the first time and I can’t wait for the boys to discover this and talk about it!! It’s a firm tradition now in our house and my son looks forward to them so much. We actually count down to elfie letters arriving rather then Xmas day in our house!! Even the tooth fairy wrote to will and mentioned elfie in the summer holidays. X
Victoria (Dec, 2015)
Perfect, thank you – pleased they arrived so quickly. I’m impressed with the beautiful expression of your idea – a joy to open!
Claire, Warwickshire (Dec 2015)
Very happy to say that Elfie’s letter was here when we returned from our holiday, beautifully packaged (again) and looking forward to seeing our daughter open it on Thursday. Thank you! The new Christmas sets sound GREAT – something else to look forward to later this year.
Shannon, London (May, 2015)
Many thanks, [Elfie’s birthday] letter arrived yesterday & I managed to sneak a peek – it’s terrific! She will be delighted!
Niamh, Ireland (May, 2015)
I’ve just placed an order for Elfie’s Christmas letters for my children.  In fact, it was them that prompted me into getting on and ordering the letters; as they have both been whispering about Elfie and said they were wondering if he would write again this year!  Although my daughter is at that age of “doubting”(or at least listening to others at school who spoil the fun!), your letters keep the magic and mystery alive so I am sure will keep her believing for at least another year (she’s 11 in January!). I do hope my order isn’t too late amongst all the pre-Christmas chaos you must already have!! You are doing a fantastic job in keeping the magic alive, amongst children and adults alike!!  I hope you and family have a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you and family all the best.
Marie, Worcestershire (Nov 2015)
Ohhh Emily, I’ve just had a read through [Elfie’s Birthday Letter – Musical Paarps] and it’s truly magical. Thank you for your lovely creation, he will love this xxx
Billie, London (Nov, 2015)
Two letters have arrived so far and [she] loves them!  It’s helped Christmas start nice and gently – she as at fever pitch in October!!
Anna, London (Nov, 2015)
Emily I LOVE the [North Pole Christmas} letters!!!! Super excited about them!! I’ve left her 1st one out for tonight!!! She’s soooooo excited!!! She was gobsmacked. Told me only people who had powder up there noses can see elves! I was weak with laughter. (I think when they had the routine flu powder in school the nurses must have told them it was so that they can see the elves at xmas). I’ve pin pointed 21 Nov. .. 27 Nov. ..6..9…12..17 and 23rd Dec for her to have letters. She wants to take the certificate and map into school tomorrow!
Elaine, Wales (Nov 2015)
Elfie’s letters were very popular in my house, Ella was very excited and it was the 1st thing she looked for as soon as she opened her eyes each morning! (Even on a sleepover she phoned to make sure her letter had been delivered!) It really made the run up to Christmas that more magical! x
Sandra, London (2014)
Izzy loved Elfie’s letters. The excitement of receiving one every day was very sweet indeed, and great for her reading practice!
Sara, London (2014)
I’m your biggest fan! They’re brilliant and they really made our build up to Christmas really special! It’s making me want it to be Christmas again already!!! We mainly read ours in the evening as it wasn’t rushed then. Some mornings Elfie would leave a clue for the letter, or sometimes they would excitedly come home from school to find their letter had been delivered! Our kids were hooked. I really like the mention of hot berry juice and freshly baked gingerbread. You can almost smell Christmas when you read this! I also love the fact that the elves have different characters and traits that individual children can relate to. Last year, Olly thought he was like Marty and Megan related to Lily. They even tried to guess which elves made what in their stockings on Christmas day!
Natalie, London (2014)

My girls are 9 and 7 years old. They utterly believed an elf was delivering the letters and often wrote a Christmas card back. My girls would find the letters from Elfie on the Christmas tree each morning and my youngest daughter would leave the response to Elfie there of a night. She then started leaving cards for him in a trail to her bedroom. She was desperately hoping to see him. I didn’t do advent calendars this year so would leave little gifts inside the envelopes. These included fancy ribbons, Christmas decorated sweets, decorative pens etc. The girls are of an age that they could read the letters themselves so they would read to me all the news Elfie had to share. I also discovered my youngest had informed the school deputy head at great length about Elfie and how she was writing to her and her sister everyday! It has been a wonderful shared activity. The girls would look for the letters each morning and be excited to read about Elfie’s news and see the gifts she’d left them. They would take it in turns to read the letters and generated a lovely buzz of excitement as it led up to Christmas.Many thanks!
Kirsty, London (2014)
Our special delivery arrived today… WOW! Thanks for the wonderful treat to share with the kids at xmas…beautifully presented, and gorgeously crafted. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open the letters! I bet my 5 year old will be quite happy to practice her reading this December ;o)
Shannon, London (Oct 2014)
Thank you so much for my letters! They look absolutely amazing and I really love the artwork. I love them so much I’m not sure I can bear to fold them up to put them in the envelopes!
Kirsty, London (Oct 2014)
My letters have arrived. They look well cool. Very excited about the fun we’re going to have with them!
Mary, Oxford (Oct 2014)
We’ve just received our Elf letters. Thank you so much. They really are superb.
Peter, London (Oct 2014)
Oh my goodness these are absolutely amazing. I love it all, the illustrations, the paper, the packaging and I just can’t wait until December the 1st. Emma will absolutely love them. Thank you so much.
Karen, London (Oct 2014)
Thank you so much for our letters. To say they are ‘ok’ would be an understatement!! They look absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see their faces when they get their first one. I love the texture of the paper too. Really adds to that authentic look. Really well thought out and the envelopes are brilliant!!
Natalie, London (Oct 2014)
I need to share with you how thrilled I am with the beautiful Elfie’s Letters box. I really am excited to do it again this year. I can’t wait to see the girls’ faces (especially Imani’s) on seeing these. I love the finished product. They’re fabulous. Thank you so very much for these. I’m looking forward to sharing with you the excitement I know they’ll generate again this year.
Kirsty, London (Oct 2014)
My parcel arrived yesterday! I have had a look and have shown a few friends who all think it’s wonderful! Just need to find half an hour to read through them all now! They look amazing! Want it to be dec 1st now! So excited! Well done! An amazing idea! X
Lucy, Elmesthorpe (Oct 2014)
The package arrived this morning – very exciting 🙂
Beautifully packaged and I love the pictures on all the different letters (and the red & white string sets it off perfectly). The map is going to go down very well with the boys 😉
Olinka, London (Oct 2014)
The package arrived today. It is brilliant. So professionally done. This should really get the kids imaginations working overtime!! Thank you so much for a very prompt and efficient service.
Rosaleen, Ireland (Oct 2014)
Thank you, thank you! Our letters have just arrived and they’re even cuter than I imagined. I’m wishing November away so I can open them with my boys 🙂
Debbie, Lancashire (Oct 2014)
Hi, the letters were here when we got back from our hols, just wanted to say how fantastic they are. I can’t wait to leave them for the boys! thank you, you are super talented!
Emma, London (Nov 2014)
Ooooh! just opened my box of letters & it looks amazing! love the map, paper, sisal, illustrations….what a great package. thank you x
Jemma, London (Nov 2014)
Just letting you know that we received our order yesterday and I absolutely love them! The map of the elf village is already on our fridge and looking at it this morning put us in festive form, which resulted in a Christmas Carol session.  Something tells me I’m going to regret starting this so early!
Pamela, Ireland (Nov 2014)

… from the children

The elves who sent the North Pole Christmas Letters, receive a letter back.
*Editor’s note: the Mail Room is inside The Elves’ Workshop, at the back 🙂
7 year old redraws his precious map sent to him from the North Pole! Sent by 'Elfie' from the International Elf Service.
‘He loves the map so much he’s redrawing it!’
Colouring in Elfie's Christmas Letters delivered by the International Elf Service!
My daughter loves colouring in her letters!
Reading hand-drawn Elfie's Christmas Letters, delivered by the International Elf Service before school!
Reading Elfie’s Christmas Letters Before School!

Christmas Elf Letters delivered by the International Elf Service