These magical personalised letter bundles bring a great big dollop of Christmas magic, news of mischief and adventure and put smiles on children’s faces all over the world.  Updates from THE workshop in the North Pole, straight into your children’s hands!  *Colouring in is definitely recommended!

Elfie’s Christmas Letters‘ is a magical tale that unfolds daily, just like an Advent Calendar.  For less commitment, the shorter North Pole Christmas Letters contain carefully selected excerpts. The Candy Cane Christmas Letters are a perfect introduction to Christmas for the little ones.

How it works

Elfie sends you a pack of 24 lovingly  illustrated letters, addressed to your  children, straight from the North Pole...
...which you kindly deliver on Elfie's  behalf, every day from the 1st  December up to Christmas Eve...
...your children enjoy the magic of  hearing about the hustle and bustle  in Father Christmas' workshop  as it actually happens!

About Elfie's Christmas Letters

No. In the first letter Elfie talks about borrowing Father Christmas’ computer to write. Elfie’s signature at the bottom of each letter is done by hand though.

Not in the body of the text, no.

Each letter will say Dear (and then whichever names you’ve entered in) e.g. ‘Dear Ava, Lucas & Jack’. The rest of the letter is news from THE Workshop from the night before.

You will need to add the names of the children that you would like the letters addressed to, as these will be printed on both the letter and the envelope. Please check what you have entered carefully as you are totally responsible for this bit!

Yes definitely! The children who believe in Father Christmas will think it’s very unfair if their older sibling(s) haven’t been included! Older children will still enjoy the magic and can also help with any deliveries. There are those that believe in magic and those that make magic…

No. We will forward on your personalised and complete set of letters for you to deliver on Elfie’s behalf. You can start delivering them any day you like after the 1st December, one letter a day. Fun ideas on how to do that are in the Delivery Ideas at the bottom of this page and in our Gallery.

Yes. Many people get their letters addressed to their children and their Elves. It’s a big team up in the North Pole! There are Scout Elves (who visit families), letter writing Elves, Elves who manage important deliveries, Elves who make the uniforms … your Elf can bring your family’s letter back from the North Pole each night.

Elfie will send you a sturdy box secured with gorgeous candy cane cord, containing…

  • 24 dated (plus 1 undated) personalised letters and lovingly illustrated complete with ink splodges and smudges. Each letter will have all the names of all the children that you requested.
  • A map that Elfie has drawn of their village in the North Pole.
  • A certificate from The North Pole’s Postmaster General, addressed to the children.
  • 25 envelopes with all the children’s names on each one.

The letters haven’t been put in their envelopes to make it easier for you to check for any mistakes. Also, if you’re anything like us you’ll be desperate to have a sneaky read of them first anyway.

  • Please check that your package is complete and check all the pages to ensure there are no errors (i.e. names missing). Please see our returns policy. Please contact us as soon as possible, or at least within 5 days, if there are any problems with your order.
  • Once you are happy that the set is complete, hide it somewhere where little fingers can’t get at it! Then on the evening of the 30th November (or during the day on the 1st December) ‘deliver’ the letter dated ‘1st December’ and the fun starts…

Please contact us immediately and if the error is on our part we will issue you with a replacement immediately. We are very sorry but we are not able to replace letters where the names have been misspelled at the time of placing the order unless you catch us before Elfie starts printing your order. A new order would need to be placed.

Please contact us as soon as possible either by text or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We really want you to be happy with your package and will do our best to ensure that.

  • You can start delivering the Advent letters on the day you receive them, because they’re simply dated according to when they were written. Or, if you prefer, you can deliver the ones to date all in one go and include a mysterious note saying ‘I’m so sorry, these must have fallen out of my delivery bag…’
  • Alternatively, Elfie could leave a set of letters for your children to find at bedtime on Christmas Eve or to open on Christmas morning!
  • Don’t forget – there are shorter letter bundles available too.

Christmas magic means that it doesn’t actually matter where the children are. With your help, the letters will always get to them.

Children love to reread their letters from Elfie. The children will recognise them from the previous year though, so we don’t recommend pretending they’re new!

Elfie writes a new set each year, so you can always continue on the new Christmas tradition.

It won’t matter if your family is using a different series to your friend’s. All news will dovetail so as not to rouse any suspicions. We advise not letting your children show their letters to their friends and let them talk about them instead!

Answers to those tricky questions

Remember to put on your best poker face and answer in a slightly distracted way…you can always suddenly go and ‘do’ something if the questioning is too difficult or your mind goes blank!

No I didn’t.

I don’t fully understand it all but people say it’s just Christmas Magic.

Maybe it’s Christmas Magic or Elfie has some help? I’d love to know though wouldn’t you?

Ah, I’m still new to this job and I’m afraid I got in a bit of a muddle. I saw the letter and there was a message to ask if I could hide it as I think Elfie must have been too busy last night. I hope I get to do more it was really fun!

  • I haven’t ever seen letters like this before so maybe they are??

Well I assume so?

Let’s have a look. Well, I think they look real don’t they?

Yes of course you can! When I was a child we were told that we could leave any letters for the North Pole either in a fireplace or by the front door when we go to bed and they will be collected when no-one’s looking.

I don’t actually know!

I don’t actually know!

I’m not sure actually. You could ask your friends if they get letters? Maybe their mum’s or dad’s know more about it than me? Sorry honey, I’m not being much use am I?

Delivery Ideas

You could leave the letter somewhere for the children to find when they get up, home from school or when they go to bed (the letters make a good bed time story). Either in the same place each day, or not!

We have fun doing a treasure hunt for our letters. Elfie leaves a clue in the advent calendar ‘look on something warm’, ‘look on something green’, ‘look next to a wheel’ and the kids run off to search the house for their letter, shrieking who’s turn it is to open it today.

Take a look at our Gallery page and Blog, for lots of ideas on how to increase the fun with your letters!