Surprise personalised Birthday Letters from Elfie, one of the Elves in the North Pole! Magic from the International Elf Service

Unusual Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters from the International Fairy Service. All with streetwise advice woven through each one!

Magical Personalised Christmas Letters from the International Elf Service


“Children’s Literature … With A Twist”

Delivering the unexpected …
with Magical Personalised Letters.

Tales of Magic, Adventure & Fun!
On Luxury Recycled Paper



I’m the mama of three kids in the UK, and I LOVE the magic of
Christmas, the Tooth Fairy & Birthdays.


Girl reading a letter from the International Elf Service with Christmas lights starReading Christmas letters from the International Elf Service

Girl Find Elf Letter from the International Elf Service

Two brothers delighted to be receiving magical mail from the International Elf Service

Creating magical Christmas memories to last a lifetime with letters from the International Elf Service!

Creating magical Christmas memories with Elfie's Christmas Letters from the International Elf Service.

“The best Christmas idea ever.” – Charlie Condou (Actor)


“These were the best things I have ever (and I mean ever) ordered!! I’ve never seen the magic or happiness last so long x”
– Jolene (August 2017)


Could it be magic?


I love these little parcels of magic as much as my son does.”
Diane, 2017


“Every Child should be read these magical letters, as they bring alive a world which normally only old & young alike can imagine in their dreams.”
Claire, 2016


“There aren’t enough stars for this magical company. I bought the Elf letters at Christmas and am even more delighted with the Tooth Fairy ones.”


“Thank you for another fantastic lead up to Christmas for my family. Your letters bring the magic of Christmas into our home in the most exciting way.”


“One captivated little girl over the moon with her letter and coin. Nothing like a bit of magic to start a Monday 💫”


“You’re doing a fantastic job at keeping the magic alive, amongst children and adults alike!!”

To hear more about what other families say…


As a child I wanted to know absolutely everything about Christmas Magic and the North Pole, and would spend hours imagining what it was like.

So I decided to write about it.

Children love magic and children love mail, so I decided to create magical (and authentic) mail for our kids, to spark their imaginations in an unexpected way.

And so it started. Personalised letters, written and hand-drawn, with lots of love …

A BIG dollop of Christmas Magic for your family,
to help make the magic of Christmas last longer


Birthday North Pole Magic, with Elfie’s Birthday Letters


Fairy & Tooth Fairy letters for all year round fun.

How it works

Elfie sends you a pack of 24 lovingly  illustrated letters, addressed to your  children, straight from the North Pole...
...which you kindly deliver on Elfie's  behalf, every day from the 1st  December up to Christmas Eve...
...your children enjoy the magic of  hearing about the hustle and bustle  in Father Christmas' workshop  as it actually happens!
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