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Elfie’s Tooth Fairy Letter


5.00 out of 5

Somehow your child(ren)’s letter to the Tooth Fairies ends up in the North Pole by mistake! Elfie panics, forwards the letter on to fairyland (just in time) but writes to your child to explain what’s happened ‘just in case’…on paper with real elephant poo in…and in one of the International Elf Service ™ envelopes. Always keen to chat, Elfie also tell us about the current goings on in the North Pole!

If you’d like to know what happened when one of our son’s letter to his Tooth Fairy ended up in the North Pole by mistake, you can read about it here: Elfie’s Tooth Fairy Letter

You will receive:

Child’s Name *

Please enter the name here exactly how you would like to see it on the letter eg: Oliver.

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Product Materials

  • Paper — 100% recycled ‘Ellie Poo’ paper (with real elephant poo in!)
  • Envelope — 100% recycled
  • International Elf Service Gift Tag — 100% recycled
  • Candy Cane Cord — 100% natural soft cotton

Reviews (1)

1 review for Elfie’s Tooth Fairy Letter

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I bought an elfie tooth letter for my 7 year old as he is already a great elfie fan. The day the tooth fell out we were so caught up with watching the Olympics that we forgot to write a letter (this letter is in response to one the child writes). I covered the pot the money is left in in elfie sparkles that appear with the Christmas letters. Great excitement in the morning, so the suggestion was made that James wrote to the tooth fairy asking if she knew elfie. He was speechless the following morning when elfie’s letter arrived. Of course I then had to write a letter from the tooth fairy saying what good friends they were!
    Thank you so much and we can’t wait for December!

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