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Mini: North Pole Christmas Letters: 2017


5.00 out of 5

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* These photos are from 2015.  Completely new letters and content each year!

AGE: 5+

We deliver a well-disguised package to you, containing:

  • 7 letters, each by a different elf, addressed to your children, and illustrated in their individual styles with coloured splodges and smudges.
  • 8 lengths of North Pole Candy Cane Twine to tie each letter into a scroll, OR 8 personalised envelopes purchased as an extra.
  • A certificate from the Postmaster General congratulating the children for being chosen to receive the letters.
  • A map of the North Pole Village to help set the scene for the Elves’ adventures.
  • An Emergency letter from Mother Christmas explaining why Elves aren’t allowed to reply to letters from children, but encouraging them to continue doing so.  Believe me, this will be very handy!

The Practical Bit

You can deliver these letters whenever you like!  Just roll one into a scroll, secure it with a piece of candy cane twine and lay it next to a pillow, poking out of the cereal box, or leave it out on the kitchen table. You can deliver one each day for a week, or spread them out throughout December. You choose where & when your children find the letters, to create a magical daily family ritual that the kids will love!

North Pole Christmas Letters 2017

*The North Pole Christmas Letters are excerpts of Elfie’s Christmas Letters:

Important questions are raised: will Marty’s new invention ever work the way he wants it to? How do Candy Canes grow? Why do blank letters whoosh out of the Magical Wind Machine from time to time? What’s happened to the Sleigh’s sparkle and can the Elves get it back in time? Who on earth has written asking for ten million three billionty trillion Christmas gifts, and what will the Elves do with this enormous Christmas List?  What grows on Stocking Bottom Trees? Why does Rudolph look a bit odd? What ‘extras’ will Father Christmas’ uniform and the Sleigh have this year? …

For younger children who prefer more activity based letters, our Candy Cane Christmas Letters are perfect!

Please note that due to the printing methods that the North Pole uses and the nature of recycled paper, the product and the print may vary.  Do have a read through our Testimonials


Children’s Names *

Please enter the names here exactly how you would like to see them on the letters eg: Ava, Lucas & Jack

*You are responsible for this bit so please check carefully!*


North Pole Christmas Letters: 2017

Seven Elves from the North Pole have each written a lovely personalised newsy letter. They each come with a length of candy cane twine so they can be rolled up into scrolls (or personalised envelopes as an extra), and ‘delivered’ by you on any day coming up to Christmas! You can ‘deliver’ them however you like. We like to leave clues on our special International Elf Service Parcel Tags 🙂

For a closer look at the North Pole Christmas Letters, see my Facebook video.


Product Materials

Paper — 100% recycled ‘Ellie Poo’ paper (with real elephant poo in!)
Candy Cane Twine — 100% natural soft cotton

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1 review for Mini: North Pole Christmas Letters: 2017

  1. 5 out of 5

    A last minute decision December 2015, my daughter absolutely loved Elfie’s and the others letters she would read them as much as she could, I cannot wait to see her face this year absolutely amazing thank you for extra Christmas Magic.

    Kind Regards
    Ciara (Rep of Ireland)

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