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The Going Rate For The Tooth Fairy …

You’re feeling pretty confident you know the going rate for the Tooth Fairy … and then someone happens to mention a totally different figure as being ‘the norm’.  Argh, suddenly you have no choice but to ask everyone you know, including Mumsnet, google, and the woman behind the till at H&M. This only makes matters worse.  Suddenly […]

Gorgeous Tooth fairy Letters from the Magical World of Secret Underground Passageways, Magic Wishing Chairs, Dragons, Magical Potions ... and more! Each letter includes a little message on how to help with a common childhood emotion too.
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I’ve solved my Tooth Fairy Letter problem!

Why is it that kids seem to lose a tooth just as you’re heading out for the evening?  Which of course you then immediately forget. Just as you’ve climbed into bed with a belly full of lovely things (and wine), and your eyes are just closing, you remember – THE TOOTH.  You ‘leap up’ and desperately […]

How To Develop Your Child's Imagination - International Elf Service
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How To Develop Your Child’s Imagination

Like many parents, I swing between feeling guilty I don’t play with the kids enough, and also wishing they’d just go off and amuse themselves for two seconds! It is important to spend some time each day on child led activities: letting them taking the lead on what they’d like to do.  Letting their imagination dictate […]

Doing story time with the kids when you can't be there!
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Doing Story Time With Your Kids…When You Can’t Be There

We’ve all cuddled up for story time with our kids and enjoyed the closeness of quiet time together.  Reading together is one of the most precious things we can do with our children.  It helps them in so many ways: aiding with Memory Development, Creativity & Security, and provides a really lovely opportunity for them to listen to […]

How to make a stunning Narnia's Snow Queen crown
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How To Make A ‘Narnia Snow Queen Crown’

This icy ‘Narnia Snow Queen’ is a MUST have crown. It actually couldn’t be simpler and looks very dramatic ‘in real life.’ What You Need: White card A4 white paper Silver paper or thin card (foil would do too if you’re careful with it) Tape Scissors   What You Do: Cut strips of white card about 1.5 inches […]

Emily Beckloff CEO & Founder of the International Elf Service
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How The Christmas Letters Are Made & The Philosophy Behind Them

For those interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ of how the Christmas Letters are made, and answers to some of your questions! *** The main philosophies behind the Christmas letters are to inspire children to read, to get them asking questions, and to leave as much up to their imaginations as possible, including what the […]

Beautiful layered watermelon & Pineapple Snowflake Ice Cubes. Perfect for kids' Christmas Cocktails!
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Fruity Layered Ice Cubes – Perfect For Kids’ Christmas Cocktails!

So simple to make and yet these Snowflake fruity layered ice cubes are so wonderfully beautiful and dramatic!  Perfect for giving the kids a little surprise on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with a Christmas Cocktail.  You can make these well ahead of time and store them in a freezer bag until you want to […]

How to make beautiful paper snowflakes! International Elf Service
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How To Make Paper Snowflakes!

I first discovered these beautiful dramatic Paper Snowflake creations from Julia from Rainbeaubelle.  I made this huge snowflake last year, and then just stored it ready for this year.  You can use bog standard A4 printer paper, newspaper, wrapping paper…experiment!  I think my personal favourite is to start with a piece of A5 paper (half […]

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Delicious Gingerbread Cookies (Gluten Free)

I’ve found the most delicious gingerbread recipe that just happens to be gluten free.  They’re incredibly mooreish and all the non gluten free members of our family love these too.  The recipe is by Lauren from ‘Cooking For Kenza’ and these cookies are completely delicious with or without icing.  I was expecting them to be […]

The Day I dressed As Santa - By Carol
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The Day I Dressed Up As Santa – By Carol

No this isn’t a picture of Carol dressed as Santa (credit below) and thank you to Carol for this very amusing post! *** I don’t have children of my own but have a lovely step-daughter and the good fortune of being blessed with two wonderful step-grandchildren, both of whom are now young adults, 6’2” and […]