Will My Child Ever Enjoy Reading?? FREE eBook from the International Elf™
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FREE eBook: Will My Child Ever Enjoy Reading??

If you have a reluctant or wobbly reader in your house and wonder if they’ll ever want to snuggle up with a fairly substantial book, then this eBook is for you! Some children just don’t take naturally to reading and, like my middle one, would have happily stuck to picture books without proper encouragement. Having tackled it from several angles, […]

Sensory Processing Disorder: Meltdown Management
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Sensory Processing Disorder: Meltdown Management

This post on Sensory Processing Disorder: System Overload  is the 4th in the series of our journey with Sensory Integration Therapy, and I hope it can help others in some way. If you would like to read some background on Sensory Processing Disorder and the start of our journey with Sensory Integration Therapy, this is […]

The Elves in the North Pole receive a child's letter to their Tooth Fairy by mistake but forward the note on to Fairyland...
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A Letter To The Tooth Fairy Ends Up In The North Pole By Mistake…

Somehow our son’s letter to his Tooth Fairy ended up in the Elves’ Workshop in the North Pole, before the Tooth Fairy even had a chance to come and visit him! He was of course, totally unaware of these unusual goings on and we didn’t discover what had ACTUALLY happened until the morning. Thundering into our […]

One of Father Christmas' reindeer up in Lapland the North Pole!
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Elfie’s Birthday Letters – Unavailable During May!

If your children or small friends have a birthday in May, please buy your  Elfie’s Birthday Letters  this week, (or now before you forget), as the shop will be closed for the month of May! If you haven’t come across Elfie’s Birthday Letters yet, Elfie and the other elves occasionally hear about children’s birthdays via their Magical […]

Playmags: fantastic for imaginative construction & play
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Playmags: Amazing Magnetic Construction Toy

We’re very big on unisex toys that span the ages and really encourage the kids to use their imaginations, and Playmags tick all our boxes! They’re very similar to Magnatiles, but when I was looking, Playmags were cheaper. Everyone in our family loves them and even I, at the grand old age of 112, enjoy […]

The Benefits of Makaton as a language system to facilitate communication, speech & language Photo by Catherine Anne Gilmour
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The Benefits of Learning Makaton – by Becky Lyddon

Photo: ‘Hello’ by Catherine Anne Gilmour In society most communication is recognised through speaking to others. However, some people may have difficulty with using speech and they will need to use different ways to communicate. Makaton is a language development programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate. Today over 100,000 children and adults […]