Win a gorgeous Christmas Eve Box & a Bundle of personalised Christmas Letters from the International Elf Service & JJs Craft Shop
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Win A Gorgeous Christmas Eve Box & Christmas Letter Bundle!

  Christmas is coming! I’ve teamed up with the very wonderful JJs Craftshop for a chance to win a really fantastic magical Christmas Bundle: a gorgeous personalised Christmas Eve Box (see below), PLUS either a bundle of North Pole Christmas Letters, OR a bundle of Candy Cane Christmas Letters, depending on which suits your family better! So, without further […]

The Ultimate Guide to Family Card Games and Board Games. That special Christmas Day family tradition of playing together as a family is such a fun and memorable tradition to have.
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Ultimate Guide To Family Card & Board Games

Whether or not you’re looking for board games to play during the long hot rainy summer evenings, or for family gatherings at Christmas – this guide will hopefully help you find something you haven’t come across before.  Playing card games and board games together as a family really are one of the best Christmas traditions out there. […]

Surprise the kids with a chocolate and sprinkle coated glass on Christmas morning for a North Pole Breakfast. International Elf Service
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Chocolate Coated Sprinkle Covered North Pole or Birthday Milk

Kids love a surprise and whether you surprise them with a chocolate coated sprinkle covered North Pole milk, or a chocolate coated sprinkle covered Birthday milk, they’ll love it.  Prep the night before and keep it in the fridge!   *There’s also a recipe for a very naughty North Pole Candy Cane Milkshake at the bottom […]

Emily Beckloff CEO & Founder of the International Elf Service
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How The Christmas Letters Are Made & The Philosophy Behind Them

For those interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ of how these Christmas Letters are made up, and the philosophy behind them! The main philosophies behind the Christmas letters are to inspire children to read, to get them asking questions, and to leave as much up to their imaginations as possible, including what the Elves look […]

Lucky Dip SIMPLE Fairy Letters are a simple personalised letter perfect for early readers, or where 'less is more'. Order by number, and find out what it says when you get it! Fairy Fun from the International Fairy Service
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Lucky Dip Simple Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters!

I wrote a bespoke Tooth Fairy Letter a couple of weeks ago, for a child with learning difficulties ….  From that came this Lucky Dip letter range … which may be ‘just right’ for someone you know. These letters are a much simpler than my other Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters, and they’re written with larger text. All very […]

Magical personalised letters, bringing excitement into your home.
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Ways To Help Make A Magical Childhood

‘A Magical Childhood’ is something we’d all love our kids to have.  There’s very little better in life than seeing their faces bursting with excitement, or filled with wonder.  We’d love for them to look back at their childhoods as adults, and feel it was filled with the happiest times that any child could have. So […]