How to turn old joggers into shorts without measuring or sewing!
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How To Turn Old Joggers Into Shorts, Without Measuring or Sewing!

Joggers don’t last so long in this house – our active, almost eight year old, can fly through the knees in a couple of weeks.  So, rather than put them in the fabric recycling centre, I turn them into cool sporty shorts.  So easy, so quick, and no measuring or sewing involved!  The beauty of […]

WIN: Exotic Stationery & Reindeer Poo Planter Bundle!
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WIN: Exotic Stationery & Reindeer Poo Planter Bundle!

Calling all stationery lovers and Christmas stocking fillers! This is the most gorgeous stationery prize bundle from the Exotic Paper Company, where we get our Ellie Poo Paper from.  The Elves in the North Pole use it to write to children with ‘live news’ from Father Christmas’ workshop! So, included in this fantastic stationery prize bundle, […]

FREE eBook containing over 80 activities & crafts for children to do over the school holidays!
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Things To Do Over The School Holidays! FREE eBook

Over 80 outdoor & indoor activities for children to do during the school holidays in this FREE to download eBook!  A present from me to you, because I’ve suddenly realised a rather long school holiday is nearly upon us and the kids might need the odd idea or two…eek! For those of you with children with special […]

FREE eBook with ways to encourage children to enter the world of 'bookwormery' and enjoy curling up with a good book.
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FREE eBook: Ways To Encourage Children To Read

If you have a reluctant or wobbly reader in your house and wonder if they’ll ever want to snuggle up with a fairly substantial book, then this eBook is for you! Some children just don’t take naturally to reading and, like my middle one, would have happily stuck to picture books without proper encouragement. Having tackled it from several angles, […]

Sensory Processing Disorder: Meltdown Management
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Sensory Processing Disorder: Meltdown Management

This post on Sensory Processing Disorder: System Overload  is the 4th in the series of our journey with Sensory Integration Therapy, and I hope it can help others in some way. If you would like to read some background on Sensory Processing Disorder and the start of our journey with Sensory Integration Therapy, this is […]

The Elves in the North Pole receive a child's letter to their Tooth Fairy by mistake but forward the note on to Fairyland...
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A Letter To The Tooth Fairy Ends Up In The North Pole By Mistake…

Somehow our son’s letter to his Tooth Fairy ended up in the Elves’ Workshop in the North Pole, before the Tooth Fairy even had a chance to come and visit him! He was of course, totally unaware of these unusual goings on and we didn’t discover what had ACTUALLY happened until the morning. Thundering into our […]