Delivery Ideas for your magical Christmas Letters from Elves!

Gorgeous International Elf Service Parcel Tags With Twine

Whichever magical letter bundle you have, you can have SO much fun with the delivery!  You can deliver the certificate and map whenever you like, months ahead of time if you like, or with the first letter.

Elfie’s Christmas Letters start on the 1st December.  The North Pole Christmas Letters and the Candy Cane Christmas Letters are smaller undated letter bundles, for you to deliver whenever you like.  You may fancy choosing the same method of delivery each day or night, or you may prefer to pick a different place each day.

Here’s a short video to give you some delivery ideas for Elfie’s Christmas Letters and don’t forget, these places are perfect for leaving a scroll too!


Just to inject even more fun for your child(ren) on the run up to Christmas, how about having a Christmas Treasure Hunt to lead them to Elfie’s Christmas LettersNorth Pole Christmas Letters or the Candy Cane Christmas Letters? Kids love everything about treasure hunts: trying to be the first to get the clue, the first to read the clue, the first to solve the clue and the first to claim the prize.  We now have to have a rota so everyone gets a fair pop at it!  We put the clues into our conventional advent calendar with a coin or sweet, though you can obviously do it however you like!

My husband started by washing his hands of the whole thing, but was soon totally hooked and now we both conjure up clues for the other to crack along with the kids.  This truly is war, though grown ups are unfortunately only allowed to participate fully if the kids admit defeat, which has only happened once.



International Elf Service parcel tags are PERFECT for leaving clues so children can find their Elfie's Christmas Letters!



One thing with Elfie’s Christmas Letters is, it will take 2-3 days for your kids to realise that getting a letter from Elfie is a daily occurrence. So we suggest an easy first two days by leaving the letter somewhere obvious, with or without a clue, and then make them work harder to find their letters as the days go on through advent! Obviously the clues will need to be age appropriate for your child(ren) but here are some easy quick Christmas Treasure Hunt clues if you find yourself devoid of inspiration at the critical moment because you’ve gone out for the evening and have only just remembered.


1. Look by a wheel (buggy, bike, scooter)
2. Look by a door (any door in the house including cupboard doors)
3. Look in something cold (fridge, freezer, outside porch)
4. Look on something you can sit on (sofa, chair, whoopee cushion)
5. Look under something squashy (cushions, pillows, duvets, pile of (clean!) laundry)
6. Look under something you put you head on (pillow)
7. Look in a bag (hopefully you don’t have 100s that the contents then get turfed out on to the floor!)
8. Look by something green (Christmas tree, clothing, book etc or use another colour)
9. Look by something that makes music (stereo, musical instrument)
10. Look under something soft (duvet, clothing, pillow, tea towel, a compliant cat)
11. You can’t go under it, you can’t go over it (or another familiar line from a well known book you’ve hidden the letter in)
12. Look in a tree (Christmas tree, tree in the garden)
13. Look by something you use to brush (hairbrush, toothbrush, dustpan & brush)
14. Look by something that gets wet (washing machine, bath, a sink, dishcloth, shower)
15. Look by a book (e.g. letter sticking out of bookcase)
16. Look on something flat hard and circle shaped (plates)
17. Look in a box (cereal packet, cardboard box, toy box, lego box)
18. Look by something colourful (Christmas decorations, colouring pens, flowers, fruit bowl)
19. Look up high (on a shelf, in a light fitting, wedged in the top of a mirror)
20. Look next to something like you (by a photo of them)
21. Look by something that goes round and round (washing machine, wheel, whisk)
22. Look on something comfortable (slippers, cushions, pillows, bed, beanbag, chairs, sofas)
23. Look underneath (under the sofa, chair, cupboard, bed, bath mat, rug etc)
24. Look under your socks (either in someone’s sock drawer or under a pair left in the house somewhere)

Please do let us know your ideas and I’ll post them here for everyone to share!

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