Elfie's Christmas Letters

elfies-christmas-lettersElfie's Christmas letters: latest updates from THE Workshop in the North Pole

I'm a mum of 3 kids and LOVE all the excitement of Christmas magic. I hope as many families as possible can enjoy what I would have loved as a child...


Izzy with Elfie's letter

Christmas tree bauble

baking at Christmas

snowy Christmas tree branch

footprints at the fireplace

Christmas hut


“Thank you for another fantastic lead up to Christmas for my family. Your letters bring the magic of Christmas into our home in the most exciting way.” Julie, 2015

As a child I wanted to know absolutely everything about Christmas Magic and the North Pole, and would spend hours imagining what it was like.  The excitement of receiving a letter addressed TO ME, with the latest updates from THE Workshop, would have made me completely burst.  I’d have loved a window into the magical, warm and cosy world of Christmas.  A world full of Magical Wind Machines, Cinnamon Mines, inventions, baking, Sizzle Spots, chaos, excitement, laughter & unexpected friendships…

Sometimes I crumple a letter up, colour one in, dribble nail varnish across, or pop a little something in the envelope!

I love the excitement on my kids’ faces as they hunt down, and then finally spot their magical letter for that day.  We all curl up and read it together on the sofa.  Well, I used to read them to the kids, but now they want to read them to me!  Then they usually start colouring them in, or redrawing the map…

“You’re doing a fantastic job at keeping the magic alive, amongst children and adults alike!!” Marie, 2015

To hear more about what other families say…

There’s more going on at the North Pole than toy production and present wrapping. Elfie’s borrowed Father Christmas’ computer and some special paper, (with real elephant poo in) to give children the latest news direct from the North Pole.


.…the elves are easily distracted, rather clumsy and cause huge amounts of mess. Mucking out the reindeer, baking biscuits, polishing sleigh bells and mending damaged uniforms.  A world full of mischief and adventure, they’re always busy but nothing ever seems to go smoothly…

If you’d like a big dollop of Christmas magic in your family to make the most of the build up to Christmas, Elfie’s Christmas Letters work like an Advent Calendar – with a magical tale unravelling daily.

If you’d prefer less commitment than delivering one letter a day, carefully selected excerpts make up the North Pole Christmas Letters. The Candy Cane Christmas Letters are a perfect introduction to Christmas magic, and are just right for the very little ones).

Elfie’s Birthday Letters and Elfie’s Tooth Fairy Letter, are of course available all year round (except when Elfie’s on holiday)! Pop into the Shop for more info.

How it works

Elfie sends you a pack of 24 lovingly  illustrated letters, addressed to your  children, straight from the North Pole...
...which you kindly deliver on Elfie's  behalf, every day from the 1st  December up to Christmas Eve...
...your children enjoy the magic of  hearing about the hustle and bustle  in Father Christmas' workshop  as it actually happens!
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